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What You Need To Understand Diesel Generators



February 2013
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How does a diesel generator really work? To satisfy this question, let us take a closer glimpse at the inner workings of this particular type of generator.

A diesel generator is mainly made up of two vital power generating elements, the diesel engine, and the alternator. The diesel motor harnesses the energy produced from the combustion of diesel fuel by using the heat and pressure to drive its pistons.

On the other hand, the alternator, also known as the “gen head”, utilises the mechanical power created by the diesel motor (measured in RPMs or revolutions per minute) to spin its rotor. The transformation of mechanical energy into electrical power happens when the engine’s crankshaft results to the constant rotating of the rotor of the alternator within its stator, this then results in the creation of electric power.

Diesel generators are among the most widely utilised, if not the most widely utilised power generators of all time. And this is likely because this type of generator is readily accessible all around the world, it has proved itself to be a hardy and reliable source of power for a multitude of purposes. From powering up homes and offices, to being a stand-by or emergency generator, to being utilised as the main power source of large scale industrial functions, the diesel generator has the ability to impeccably perform all these diverse functions. Here are a few more advantages of utilising a diesel generator.

Affordable price range. For the most part, diesel generators are among the least costly kinds of power generating machines in the market today, not only due to the fact that the price of diesel is fairly low when in contrast to other forms of fuel, but also due to the fact that the diesel generator itself is becoming distributed at a fairly reasonable price.

Sturdy. A first rate diesel generator is designed for operation in a wide range of options, even in the most inhospitable terrains and merciless weathers. It is for this reason that it was constructed with highly resilient materials that enable it to go through immense quantities of abuse, and still operate impeccably.

Simple components. A diesel generator is one of the simplest kinds of generators out there, which means that upkeep along with repair works will be reasonably fast and straightforward.

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