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The Benefits Of Cremation: Why Traditional Burial Is Less Preferred?



March 2013
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What Makes Cremation More Ideal Than Burial? Singapore is a small city state with a population of more than five million people. Having a land area which is smaller than what London has, it is also among the densest cities in Asia. This reality makes land costly not only for living Singaporeans. Even burial spaces ask for high premiums. And this is the reason why many families choose to cremate their dead loved ones than avail traditional burial services. Cremation brings a number of benefits. Aside from having the chance to conserve space and to avoid high memorial premiums, cremating the dead is considerably cheaper and more environment-friendly. The Cost Factor The price for funeral services Singapore families pay for a traditional burial is typically high. That is because normally funeral home Singapore services include embalming and other preparatory tasks for the remains before the wake. These extra services can be skipped because the family has the option to cremate the departed before the memorial ceremony. As a result, the family does not need to purchase a coffin anymore. Cremation gives them the opportunity to prepare for the wake in a more simple, convenient way. There is no need for the traditional means to prepare the remains for the wake. Nonetheless, there’s an option to cremate the deceased after the funeral service. This way, they can rent the coffin instead of actually buying it. Hence, the family can limit their expenses. The Environmental Factor When the dead is buried, the coffin becomes a major contaminant to the ground. And since the body of the dead has been treated with toxic chemicals that can blend with the soil, it is neither a good idea to bury it as it is. These harmful chemicals may contaminate underground water. Cremation is therefore a good way for families in Singapore to provide plenty of living space for the next generation. For related articles on Crematorium Singapore or visit www.mountvernon.com.sg


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