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Top 5 Tips To Help You Survive A Long Family Road Trip



March 2013
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Long Road Trip Survival Guide: Top 5 Things To Remember It can really be enjoyable and exciting to go on a long road trip especially when it is with loved ones. So as to have a stress-free vacation experience, it will be worthwhile to take note of some essential things to do before hitting the road. 1. Plan in advance. As early as possible, identify specific places of interest which you want to visit and do the arrangements already. This will allow you to avail of promotional deals and special offers and freebies particularly for off-season dates. 2. To avoid leaving any important item behind, prepare a list of things to do and bring. It may include clothes, food, medicines, toiletries, towels, or extra beddings. Gather everything at least 2 weeks before the trip so you will still have enough time to shop for those that you don’t have yet. 3. Keep babies and kids busy and entertained when they are not taking their nap on the road. Remember to bring along with you their favorite books and toys because they will surely come in handy in case of heavy traffic. Bring also a CD of their much loved songs so that you can just pop it in the player anytime. 4. Invest in a reliable GPS (global positioning system) unit. This can be most useful if you are not very familiar with the route to take or if you or your travel companion isn’t well versed with reading maps. In case you are leasing a maxi cab, which is one of the most common vehicles offered by limousine services for airport transfer, ask for a GPS unit installed in the vehicle. 5. If you want to save money, why not prepare your own snacks? By doing this, you won’t have to buy anymore along the way. Opt for healthy food items such as home-made sandwiches, cookies, and fresh juice drinks. Just be sure that they’re individually wrapped for easy handling and distribution to everybody in the vehicle. For related articles on airport transferc or visit www.mylimo.com.sg


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