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April 2013
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The classic family portrait – how many of us actually rush to the studio to have one? While the majority of us spent much time looking for photo packages for a sister’s upcoming wedding, our son’s graduation or a daughter’s prom, few actually plan for that family photo shoot session. We usually ignore that fact that it isn’t too often that everyone’s is free to share some time with us. Most of the time, we fail to realise that at one point in the future, distance, time and circumstance will separate us from one another. When do you plan to freeze the moment when you can bring your loved ones closer to you?

Unfortunately, we tend to put off the chance to take a photo of the whole family. We usually tell ourselves that we will attend to that later and nearly always find that we missed too many later moments and it’s already too late. We find ourselves at a point where it’s practically a stroke of luck to be able to gather everyone together and pose for a family picture. We end up like this because we think that being a family, we’ll never be apart. We overlook the fact that such belief is too good to be true.

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in the same situation. It is also important to recognise the value of a family photo. It’s something that reminds us of where we came from, of the people who would always play significant roles in our lives. It’s a possession that’s priceless for the very reason that it is close to our hearts.

So now, make certain that you schedule that session before you ran out of time. The portrait photography Singapore based companies usually offer include family photography packages at reasonable prices. Choose the one which best suits your preferences. You may opt to have a relaxed portrait taken of your family. You can pull this one off by using a familiar environment as the location of your shoot. When everyone feels comfortable, there’s no way anyone would be caught looking awkward in the photograph. If you like to capture the expression on everyone’s face, ask your photographer to zoom in closer. That way, the focus is on your family, where it must be. There are endless possibilities. You and your photographer may have other ideas in mind. Discuss you expectations with him or her.

Reality has it that not everyone you love can stay as close to you as you’d like them too. That is just the way it is. Bear that in mind and and make it a point to seize the moment when everyone happens to be at the same place at the same time. Have your photo taken and keep the memories frozen in time. You’ll be glad you did it.

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