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Have You Heard Of The Power Of 7?



January 2015
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great from here for your ads

I know you’ve probably never heard of the power of 7… and that’s why I’m emailing you now. I’m very excited to be able to pass on this valuable information to you.
You see, recently a new web site opened that allows you to send your promotion out absolutely free. I know that’s good in itself, but there’s more…
With this new program, (which is nothing like a safelist I’d like to add), you’ll be able to effectively build seven separate lists to send your promotions to every day.
That’s right. Every day. Seven days a week.
Sounds incredible right? Well it is.
Take a look at it here:
–> http://www.7daypromos.com/?trieusunghop
Never before has a program of this calibre been offered online. It’s unique and very effective for marketing to a very large audience.
It helps you to build your downlines in all seven list programs and even lets you show your own promotions to the people you refer. They’ll see your offer every time they login. Now because the concept is built around sending out promotions every day, you have the potential to show your referrals your offer seven days a week! How powerful is that?
Well it’s ‘The Power of 7’ that I was referring to before.
It’s amazing. It works and it has the potential to increase your income dramatically.
Don’t just take my word for it though… I invite you – even urge you strongly to visit this site and signup now. There’s no cost involved and it’s very easy to setup and follow. The simplicity of the concept and the teamwork makes it a sure winner.
Do signup now and start increasing your promotion power today.
Here’s the link again:
–> http://www.7daypromos.com/?trieusunghop

Join 7daypromos.com


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